4 Cooling Tips for Higher AC Efficiency This Summer

The average household in Walnut Creek, CA, spends about half of their spring and summer energy bills on cooling. Preparing your air conditioner for the hot weather is simple, though, and it’ll save you loads of money throughout the cooling season. Follow these four cooling tips to enjoy higher AC efficiency this spring and summer:

Start the Cooling Season With a Fresh Filter

Changing your air conditioner’s filter regularly is one of the easiest and most effective tasks every homeowner can complete to improve AC efficiency. It also helps to protect your indoor air quality and health. Start the cooling season with a fresh filter, and check it every month. If your air conditioner’s filter looks dirty, change it.

Ensure Your Ceiling Fans Rotate Counterclockwise

You’ll waste plenty of energy if your air conditioner operates all day without cooling every nook and cranny in your home. If your home has ceiling fans, take advantage of their usefulness by ensuring their blades rotate in a counterclockwise direction during the cooling season. They’ll blow cool air downward to make the room feel cooler.

Trim the Area Around Your Outdoor Compressor

When’s the last time you visited the outdoor compressor? It’s likely the fall and winter months have been harsh to the unit, covering it with branches, twigs and other debris. To facilitate proper airflow and prevent system strain, remove these impediments. Ensure there are at least two feet of clearance around your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor.

Schedule Maintenance to Increase AC Efficiency

When in doubt, seek professional help when maintaining your air conditioner. Attempting DIY AC maintenance can lead to significant damage and personal injury. Our experienced service technicians can repair any air conditioner issues on the spot and help reduce the risk of costly breakdowns during the hottest periods of the year.

Don’t wait a minute longer to prepare your air conditioner for the months ahead. Contact Contra Costa Climate Control to beat the heat and stay comfortable for the lowest price possible this summer.

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