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Whether it's because of a searing summer or a frosty winter, Americans spend a lot of time indoors, making indoor air quality (IAQ) of utmost importance. Contra Costa Climate Control helps you find the IAQ solution that fits your home and ensures that your family breathes easy all year long.

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Keeping Your Indoor Air Fresh

Research shows that indoor air is highly polluted, often more polluted than the air outside. Pollutants stem from a variety of sources and take a variety of forms. All of them, however, compromise the health and comfort of your family.

We offer an array of air purifiers that handle pollen, pet dander and everything in between. Our air cleaners rid your air of microscopic particles and break down volatile organic chemicals. Whichever air filtration system you choose, you can rest easy knowing that Contra Costa Climate Control will make sure your air is as pure as possible.

The Importance of Ventilation to IAQ

To control energy costs, homeowners focus on air-tight construction and weatherproofing to eliminate leaks and drafts. Frequently, this focus results in inadequate airflow. Poor ventilation means that polluted air gets trapped inside and continually recirculated by your HVAC system, leading to headaches and increased allergy or asthma attacks. We carry a selection of ventilators that exchange stale air for fresh air.

Air Humidifiers Ensure Winter Comfort

As your heating equipment works to keep your family warm, it also pulls moisture out of your indoor air. Because dry air makes you feel cooler, you're inclined to raise your thermostat to counteract the effects of low humidity. Dry air also increases susceptibility to sore throats, nosebleeds, colds and the flu. In addition to adverse health effects, low humidity causes furnishings and flooring to crack, wallpaper to peel, and the static electricity that shocks your electronics and you.

Air humidifiers automatically adapt to changing environments, enabling you to maintain the humidity level necessary for a comfortable winter. With the right amount of moisture, you can dial back your thermostat and save more energy dollars.

Don't Overlook the Role of HVAC Maintenance

As part of the cooling process, air conditioners remove humidity from indoor air. When you skip regular maintenance, you reduce your AC unit's ability to control humidity. Your family members swelter and crank up the AC, leaving you with soaring electric bills and decreased comfort.

Contra Costa Climate Control keeps you on the comfort track with comprehensive tune-ups. Our NATE-certified technicians service all brands of AC units, and our maintenance agreements include priority service to ensure a fast response.

Indoor air quality is a fundamental component of your family's health and comfort. Call Contra Costa Climate Control today to learn how we can help keep you healthy and safe.

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