3 Heat Pump Noises and What They Mean in Danville, CA

No one wants to hear loud noises coming from their heat pump in Danville, CA. However, some noises are completely normal. Learn more about some normal sounds as well as some noises that signal trouble so you will better understand what’s going on with your heat pump.

Normal Sounds

Certain sounds coming from your heat pump are nothing to worry about, particularly if they occur in the right context. When they first start up, heat pumps can make a loud shaking or vibrating sound. When they shut down, you may hear some very prominent clicking or tapping sounds.

Bad Vibrations

While it’s normal for your heat pump to vibrate occasionally, other vibrations signal trouble. The way to distinguish between the innocuous and the harmful kind is that the first is only temporary, while the latter tends to linger and persist long after the system has reawakened and gotten into a normal groove of operation.

Constant vibrating noises can be signs of anything from an unsecured cover panel and some loose screws to obstructed coolant pipes and air handler malfunctions. A professional maintenance service technician could resolve the former, while the latter would require more extensive heat pump repairs.

Gurgling Noises

If you notice a consistent gurgling sound coming from your heat pump, you’re likely dealing with a refrigerant leak. The gurgling results from air coming into the areas that the refrigerant would normally occupy and forming air bubbles. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, contact a professional as quickly as possible, as federal regulations make it illegal for unlicensed people to work with HVAC refrigerant.

Being able to distinguish threatening from harmless noises is a key skill in the effort to keep your heat pump in proper condition. If you need any kind of HVAC services around Danville, CA, call Contra Costa Climate Control today.

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