The Importance of Controlling Home Humidity in Walnut Creek, CA

Low humidity during winter can affect your skin and respiratory system. It can also interfere with the comfort of your Walnut Creek, CA, home. Below are some reasons optimal home humidity matters.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners believe that dust, pollen and other indoor contaminants are the only factors responsible for poor indoor air quality. However, it’s crucial to understand that home humidity also plays a significant role in this issue.

Low humidity affects the breath-ability of the air in your house. It further affects your lungs and makes you vulnerable to different respiratory conditions. This issue can also affect your sleep quality and productivity.

Protect Your Health

Low home humidity triggers seasonal symptoms like sore throat and dry sinuses. It also increases the risk of developing airborne illnesses like flu.

This is because, under such conditions, viruses travel faster in the air. Poor indoor air quality also aggravates pre-existing conditions like bronchitis and asthma.

The best way to avoid such issues is to add humidity by installing a more efficient HVAC system or a humidifier. Many humidifiers today have a self-regulating feature that enables them to measure the moisture level in your home and adjust it automatically.

Preserve Your Furniture and Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners today prefer hardwood floors because of their toughness, versatility and ability to complement interior decor. However, home humidity affects these floors significantly.

When indoor humidity is high, the wood absorbs moisture and expands slightly. When the humidity reduces drastically during winter, it causes the wood to shrink and warp.

Over time, the wood separates and causes uneven gaps between the floorboards. Any piece of furniture made of wood in your Walnut Creek, CA, home also cracks and splinters.

If this issue prolongs, the entire wood surfaces and objects in your house may get damaged beyond repair. Preventing drastic shifts in home humidity is the most effective way to protect your furniture and prevent expensive fixes.

Managing humidity levels in your home helps protect your health, furniture and floors. Contact us at Contra Costa Climate Control for indoor air quality solutions like installing air humidifiers.

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