4 Problems Caused by Dirty Indoor Air in Concord, CA

Spring is a happy time of year in Concord, CA, as families enjoy more hours outdoors. But this season also creates some indoor air quality (IAQ) problems as children and pets bring pollen and other pollutants into your home. Below are four common problems that result from poor IAQ.

Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Poor IAQ causes some of the worst challenges, which includes respiratory issues. Airborne pollutants that thrive indoors can cause asthma and headaches. Today’s airtight, energy-efficient homes trap these pollutants inside where they wreak havoc on those with health conditions, such as respiratory illnesses and seasonal allergies.

Lingering Odors

Lack of ventilation and dirty air filters cause household odors. Odors from pets and cooking can linger in your home and become a source of embarrassment when guests come over during summer gatherings.

Household cleaners can target the sources of those odors. And air fresheners can mask their presence. But removing the odors completely requires proper whole-home air purification and ventilation.

Uncomfortable Humidity Levels

Spring and summer seasons in Concord tend to be warm and dry, which most folks find pleasant. But running your air conditioner all day removes even more moisture from the air.

Lack of humidity in your home can cause furniture and fabrics to deteriorate faster. Dry air can also lead to dry skin and nosebleeds.

Increased Heating and Cooling Costs

Airborne pollutants like dust and pet dander circulate inside your home and clog up the air filters in your HVAC system. Failure to replace those filters decreases IAQ and reduces airflow throughout your home.

Clogged filters put tremendous strain on your system. The drop in efficiency wastes energy and increases your monthly utility bills. The added wear-and-tear on your system also leads to more frequent repairs over the years.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality create these problems in your home. Reach out to Contra Costa Climate Control today to see how our IAQ solutions can benefit your family.

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