3 Reasons to Install an Air Purifier in San Ramon, CA

The air in your house has a pollutant concentration two to five times higher than the air outside. An air purifier comes in handy in reducing the number of pollutants in your home. Here are three reasons you should install an air purifier in your San Ramon, CA, home:

Getting Better Sleep

Firstly, sleeping well improves your immune system, memory, productivity and mood. Contaminated indoor air results in coughing, nose congestion, frequent sneezing and a sore throat. As a result, it interferes with your sleep.

Investing in HEPA air purifiers keeps your family safe by filtering allergens in your house. HEPA filters are highly effective and can eliminate up to 99.7% of airborne particles.

Getting a ventilator can also help improve your indoor air quality. Ventilators bring in fresh air and remove stale air. As a result, they keep your home’s air fresh and safe.

Eliminating Asthma Triggers

Dogs and cats shed dander and hair when they scratch themselves. In addition, pollen enters your house when you open the windows and doors for fresh air.

A humid environment promotes the inhabitation of dust mites and microbial growth. These contaminants linger in your home, posing a danger to asthmatic people.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes that 25 million people live with asthma in the United States. An air purifier captures these pollutants, making your indoor air safe for all. You may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep your indoor humidity at safe levels without promoting the existence of dust mites.

Removing Unpleasant Odors

Finally, paints, upholstered furniture, aerosol sprays and air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds that cause your indoor air to be stale. This odor can result in breathlessness and nausea.

Health experts link increased productivity with low VOC levels. You can use a HEPA air purifier with activated carbon filters to trap foul particles, freshening up your indoor air. A ventilator also comes in handy in eliminating lousy odor by introducing a wave of fresh air.

Call Contra Costa Climate Control today to learn more about the best indoor air quality solutions and HVAC services for you and your family. Our NATE-certified service technicians prioritize customer satisfaction by focusing on providing excellent service.

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