5 Reasons to Replace Your Furnace With a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a popular option for homes in mild climates, like Danville, CA. However, some find it challenging to invest in a heat pump when they’re used to using a traditional furnace. Consider these five reasons to replace your furnace with a heat pump installation:

Fewer Health and Safety Risks

First, heat pumps are vastly safer compared to their furnace counterparts. You don’t have to worry about fuel or carbon monoxide leaking. Further, heat pumps don’t produce byproducts that contaminate your air, thereby keeping your home’s air quality healthy.

Lower Heating Bills

There are two key ways heat pumps help lower your heating bills. First, they heat more efficiently because they redistribute heat rather than generate it so they don’t lose heat with exhaust. Second, they redistribute vastly more heat than the electricity they consume, sometimes as much as four times more.

Rebates and Tax Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 included several incentives for electrification in residential properties, including rebates and tax incentives. These incentives are especially helpful for moderate- and low-income households, offering thousands in savings.

While the tax incentives help relieve your federal tax liability, states manage the rebate programs. As of January 2024, California is waiting for funds from the federal government and is developing the program for administration.

Simplified Maintenance and Repairs

When you have a furnace and central air conditioner, you have two different units that need HVAC maintenance. While even a heat pump will have two maintenance visits per year, it’s a single system to repair. This reduces the risk of having cascading repairs between different HVAC systems.

Get Ahead of Gas Appliance Bans

The California Air Resources Board voted to ban the sale of new gas furnaces and water heaters starting in 2030. When this happens, getting parts for repairs will increase with the reduced demand. You can get ahead of this now by opting to replace an aging system with a heat pump.

When it’s time to replace your heating system, it makes sense to take the plunge and choose a heat pump. Schedule a consultation with one of the heat pump installation experts at Contra Costa Climate Control today.

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