What are the Variable Speed Draft Inducers in Trane’s New Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are still among the most popular heating option in Walnut Creek, CA. That’s because they’re powerful at warming a house. The newest Trane gas-powered furnaces feature variable speed draft inducers. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this technology.

How Variable Speed Draft Inducers Work

Located near the furnace’s heat exchanger, draft inducers kick on before the burners light. They continue to operate during the heating cycle. The inducers kick on first, removing lingering combustion gases from the last heat cycle. The draft inducers continue operating to provide the furnace with constant oxygen.

Benefits of Variable Speed Draft Inducers

Trane’s Variable Speed Draft Inducer technology aims to make homes more comfortable. It also promotes efficient performance. Furnaces equipped with the technology earn the coveted ENERGY STAR rating and boast a 97% AFUE.

What does this mean for you? When you install a furnace with variable speed draft inducers, your furnace uses less gas, and you spend less money heating your home.

Did you know that furnaces with variable speed draft inducers operate quieter? The outstanding vibration characteristics of these inducers reduce indoor noise pollution unlike any other residential furnace. Relax in your home with fewer intrusive sounds disturbing your peace.

Investing money in a premium furnace affords you peace of mind. Furnaces with variable speed draft inducers deliver outstanding performance for many years, maximizing your home’s comfort.

Trane continues to manufacture high-end gas furnaces with guaranteed superior performance. When you need a new furnace, invest in a brand that values efficiency. Choose one that operates cleaner and quieter. These gas furnaces lower utility bills and even improve indoor air quality.

Learn More about Trane’s Newest Gas Furnaces

Trane’s high-efficiency furnaces work for all your home’s heating needs. Do you need help choosing a gas furnace that meets your heating goals and budget? Speak with a home comfort expert about your heating installation options. Call Contra Costa Climate Control today!

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