Why Ductless AC Systems Are Better Than Window Units

While looking for effective ways to stay cool during the hotter months in Lafayette, CA, you may have discovered ductless air conditioners. They’re often compared to window AC units as another space-saving, affordable option. Here are a few reasons ductless AC systems are better than window units:

Zoning and Household Cooling

Ductless AC systems come in single- and multi-zone installations. You can use one mini-split to cool a room addition or small living space, while you can install several mini-splits to divide a large house into multiple cooling zones. In the multi-zone ductless installation, several indoor air handlers will connect to one outdoor compressor.


Ductless AC systems easily outclass window-based units in the all-important area of efficiency. Over time, the energy costs that you’ll have using a ductless system will be lower than they would be if you had bought a window-based unit. In addition to using less energy, ductless AC systems tend to function more quietly than window units.


Finally, ductless AC systems have greater longevity than their window-based counterparts. On average, a window-based AC unit can function reliably for about eight to 10 years, while a ductless AC system will work for as many as 20 years.

Of course, with proper care and regular maintenance, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to maximize the service lives of both types of AC systems. You may even be able to push them somewhat beyond their respective averages while still keeping them working well. Still, the disparity between the two is glaring, which means that, in the long run, you won’t need replacements as often if you go ductless.

If you’re looking to stay cool this spring, take note of the advantages of ductless air conditioners. Call our team at Contra Costa Climate Control and schedule your ductless AC installation in Lafayette, CA, today.

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